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Creating links in a vibrant local food system

Tucson locally produces less than 2% of the food we consume — maybe much less.

For us to produce enough local food to matter, we must increase what we produce 10- to 30-times what we do today – and do it as fast as possible.

Ballard Farmers Market
Ballard Farmers Market

Piece of cake! That is, a cake made with Mesquite and White Sonoran Wheat flours, neighborhood eggs, goat milk, and local honey.

Food, and how we think about it, prepare it, and come together over it, is a central feature of all human cultures. It is also one of our most powerful tools to create a complete local food system that provides us with a secure food supply.
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Market garden in central Tucson

By Brandon Merchant, with Tres English

The most recent gathering of the Feeding Tucson Champions’ Network took place on July 20 at Dreamflower Gardens located in the heart mid-town Tucson. Nearly two dozen peoplDreamflower Gardens - Urban market garden in Central Tucsone gathered for the tour guided by proprietors Lorien and Dale Teresy. Lorien and Dale have taken advantage of their ¾ acre location by creating a thriving market garden where they grow vegetables that they sell at farmer’s markets and at their own food stand located at the rear of their property. In addition to fresh produce, Dreamflower also grows and sells a variety of herbs and potted plants as well as seasonal flower arrangements. Some highlights of the tour included the newly expanded vegetable growing area located on the western edge of the property, both Lorien and Dale say that this added space will allow them to bring even more produce to market. Continue reading Market garden in central Tucson