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Come on Tucson – What are we waiting for?!

Tucson and Phoenix have rather different views of something called a “drywell”. In Phoenix there are about 100,000 drywells. In Tucson there are about 0.

Drywells are exactly that – dry wells. You put water into them, rather than take it out. After filtering thru hundreds of feet of dirt, a network of drywells could potentially add 3 billion gallons (or more) of new water to our groundwater supply in an average year. Continue reading Come on Tucson – What are we waiting for?!

Transforming YOUR neighborhood into Food Oasis in the Desert

Food Oasis - Design palette
Design palette for a Food Oasis

What would Tucson look like, if we use our billions of gallons of wasted rain?

How about beautiful neighborhoods?  Quite and shaded streets?  Neighborhood Gathering Spots and Micro Food-parks?  Playgrounds for kids and ramadas for adults?

We have so much rain — rain that we waste — that it is hard to get your head around how much we could do, if we set our minds to it.

Check out this Prezi presentation and see what options are available to you to make your neighborhood into a Food Oasis.