Food Resilience Survey

Food Resilience, like resilience of all kinds, is the ability to survive, adapt, and thrive, no matter what kinds of chronic stresses or acute shocks we experience. Food Resilience focuses on the food (and related water and energy) dimension of this challenge.

The strategy to make Tucson more food resilient is simply:

  • Grow more of what we eat.
  • Eat more of what we grow.
  • Share our bounty with each other. And
  • Learn to get better over time.

The Food Resilience Project organized by the Feeding Tucson project of Sustainable Tucson will help Tucson become more food resilient. Together, we can Learn to Grow, Eat, and Share the abundance we can have, if we work together to make it happen.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on how we can work together to make Tucson more Food Resilient.

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Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain