Food Resilience Project

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Food Resilience Project

With all the chaos happening around the world today, it seems like there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves and those we care about from a world that is spinning out of control.

Don’t believe it for a moment!

We can start to take control of our lives when small groups of neighbors join together to make their own neighborhoods more resilient, safe and beautiful by growing, eating and sharing the abundant food we can sustainably grow in Tucson.  And then we can join together in the Resilience Champions Network to do more of the same for Tucson.

Like everything else we have, Tucson produces essentially none of our food, we keep almost none on hand, and no one is responsible to make sure that the global, fossil fuel-based, Just-In-Time supply system that brings us everything, every day – works flawlessly.  The Food Resilience Project will allow us to change this.

The Food Resilience Project is committed to helping Tucson adapt to climate change and other nasty things by helping neighbors work together to Learn to Grow, Eat, and Share the potential abundance and unique local cuisine of Tucson.

The initial strategy behind the Food Resilience Project is to find a few people who are willing to gather at least a half dozen neighbors into Neighborhood Resilience Teams, work with them to identify specific food-related activities that they are interested in, and then help them work thru all the problems they encounter.

The plan is to help these teams become more food resilient and cohesive by developing a toolkit of best practices, based on their experiences.  These best practices would be things like – how to set up a neighborhood garden exchange to share food people are already growing, how to organize regular harvest potlucks to enjoy local, seasonal foods, or how to create and operate a buying co-op for garden supplies.

To do this, the Food Resilience Project will establish and support:

Neighborhood Resilience Teams – Self-organizing groups of neighbors who work together to grow, eat, and share more local food.

Resilience Champions – Individuals who take on the task of organizing their neighbors into Neighborhood Resilience Teams or help others to do it.

Resilience Champions Network – Network of Resilience Champions and other groups and individuals who are working together to recruit more Resilience Champions and to develop a Resilience Toolkit and other resources to support Neighborhood Resilience Teams.

Resilience Toolkit – A set of Best Practices and other resources to help Resilience Champions convene and operate Neighborhood Resilience Teams.

The Resilience Toolkit will evolve over time. Our initial plan is to work with Resilience Champions to help them with the particular barriers to collaboration they find in their  neighborhood. The initial or Basic Toolkit will likely include information on Best Practices related to how to:

  • Organize Neighborhood Resilience Teams
  • Determine current capacities
  • Set up Garden Exchange
  • Set up Work Exchange
  • Set up Harvest Potlucks
  • Participate in Buying Co-op

In addition, we are working on an Online Information Hub that would initially include:

Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain