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Water supplies

Water today

It’s hard to believe how much renewable water we get — or how much we waste.

Water for our future

The useable rainfall comes to over 80,000 gallons per person.


State of the Colorado River

Key review of the imminent shortages on the Colorado.  Presented to the CAP Board of Directors in May 2014 by Operations & Planning Manager Tom McCann.


Potential food production and bottlenecks

Based on our renewable water supplies… how much food can we grow here?  And what are the key bottlenecks that will limit how much of our water supplies we can use and how far they will go?

Best Practices from around the world and close to home

We are not alone in developing local food systems, so we don’t have to start from scratch.  What are some of the most innovative approaches in the world to creating all elements of a complete food system?  What will it take adapt them for our needs?

Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain