IP – Creating Local Food systems

Many communities are developing local food systems.  The have coalitions & community actions, toolkits & resources, innovative local food producers, and more.  Here is a growing list of such models and resources.

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Tools for Organizing


This toolkit outlines a range of policies and practices through which politicians, citizens, community and civic groups, charitable foundations, unions, and businesses are trying to sustain community and civic assets such as parks, theaters, libraries, art galleries, recreation centers, senior centers, and museums. The toolkit draws heavily on extensive research conducted in three U.S. metro areas — Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Baltimore — in 2012 and 2013 as well as examples gleaned from elsewhere in the United States. The research focuses on city- andstate-level policies, but refers to national policies, organizations, and programs when relevant.


Seattle guide – Growing Food in the City

This guide and the links below will help beginners start gardening, and experienced gardeners learn more. You can grow healthy food for your family, share the learning with children and neighbors, and have fun growing!


Seattle Food Action Plan

In 2008, the Seattle City Council passed the Local Food Action Initiative, which aims to improve the local and regional food system. Since then, the City has advanced this goal in a number of ways, including convening the Food Interdepartmental Team (IDT) to coordinate food system work across departments, updating the land-use code to suport urban agriculture, making more City-owned land available for food production, and hiring a food policy advisor.

The Food Action Plan is the next step in this work.


How does Tucson’s Urban Ag rules affect YOU?

This is a simply flow-chart developed by Merrill Eisenberg.  It shows how the proposed urban ag rules will affect the small farm animals that Tucsonans have.


Communities in Action

Incredible Edible

The small English community of Todmorden has created a major movement to transform their town into one that produces great abundance by creating edible landscaping throughout the public, as well as private areas.


Village Homes – 30 year old Suburban Food Forest


Take a tour of a 30 year-old suburban Food Forest with Permaculturalist Geoff Lawton.


Local food production

Urban Garden Share Seattle

There is limited green space for food and flowers in this place we call the urban jungle. Matching homeowners (with garden space) to gardeners (with experience) is the perfect solution for cultivating both food production and community. Condo and apartment dwellers are faced with containers or p-patches as their only prospects for vibrant gardens. Homeowners can be overwhelmed by yet-another-garden-project. Together, we make a great team.


Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain