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First Neighborhood Resilience Team kickoff

The Food Resilience Project supports small groups of neighbors who get together to enjoy locally grown food, help each other, and generally create a more cohesive local community. This is the report of the first Neighborhood Resilience Team.

The Arroyo Chico Neighborhood Gardening Collective (ACNGC) held our neighborhood kick-off event on Saturday, February 18th.  Twelve people attended, in spite of the blustering rainy weather, and we quite enjoyed ourselves! 

Our event included time to get to know each other a bit, an introduction to the ACNGC and why it was created, an overview of the Food Resilience Project (FRP) that we are part of, and sharing basic gardening information and resources.  Then we visited three gardens in our neighborhood, discussed specific approaches for each garden, and shared some of our delicious home-grown produce.  Neighbors were invited to schedule work parties to install home gardens with our assistance.  

We will be planning work parties and following up with each person who expressed interest in getting involved with the ACNGC or the FRP, as well as planning future neighborhood events.  In addition, two people from the adjacent Broadmoor neighborhood attended; and we have been invited to collaborate with their neighborhood as well. 

This was indeed a very successful kick-off to the Arroyo Chico Neighborhood Gardening Collective, and we look forward to working more with our neighbors!