Transforming YOUR neighborhood into Food Oasis in the Desert

Food Oasis - Design palette
Design palette for a Food Oasis

What would Tucson look like, if we use our billions of gallons of wasted rain?

How about beautiful neighborhoods?  Quite and shaded streets?  Neighborhood Gathering Spots and Micro Food-parks?  Playgrounds for kids and ramadas for adults?

We have so much rain — rain that we waste — that it is hard to get your head around how much we could do, if we set our minds to it.

Check out this Prezi presentation and see what options are available to you to make your neighborhood into a Food Oasis.

Can we create a Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert?


Tucson doesn't have any food.
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Can we create a Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert?  Do we care? Yes!

Check out this short presentation on why and how we can create a Secure Food Supply for Tucson — by making Tucson more beautiful!

Tucson receives over 85,000 gallons of useable rain per person in an average year.  The total is roughly 85 Billion gallons.  And essentially all of it is wasted!

Check out this short Powerpoint presentation and then join the Feeding Tucson Champions’ Network.

Join the fun! And help create a Tucson we can live with.



Where can we grow food?

It was a beautiful day at the Tucson Organic Gardeners’ Spring Festival.  I enjoyed talking to dozens of people enjoying the day and learning more about growing food in Tucson.

At the Sustainable Tucson table, we got lots of comments on WHERE we can (or do) grow food for Tucson.  People came up with lots of ideas.  Where do you think we should grow food in Tucson?

Possible locations: Continue reading Where can we grow food?

Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain