2017 Survey

2017 Opposite of Helpless Survey

Please rank these topic areas using this 1...5 scale. And let us know if you want to help organize any meeting on a particular topic. Also, if you can help in other ways, please let us know.

(1)Least....(2)....(3)Somewhat....(4)....(5)Very Important

Transportation, relocalization, and place-making - Transportation is the primary user of oil and one of the biggest costs for most households. But solutions involve much more than a choice of devices. They also involve promoting local businesses, creating walk/bikeable neighborhoods, and bringing jobs and services closer to customers. What are Tucson's transport needs and how do we serve them, while being both sustainable and affordable?

Prioritizing local water for food and environment - Local resilience requires that we grow a significant fraction of our food locally, and that requires water. What do we need our water for, will we share it with other living things, and how do we create a secure and sustainable food supply for Tucson with it?

Resilience - the power of working together - We have negligible local food, an interruptible water supply, are threatened by prolonged heat waves and power shortages, and most importantly we are strangers to our neighbors and they are strangers to us. How do we strengthen community resilience so we have the internal strength to make Tucson sustainable for the long run?

Aging in-place and in-community - Within about a decade, ¼ of all Tucsonans will be over 65. At the same time, roughly 175,000 Tucson homes are 35-70 years old, leak like sieves, need major rehabilitation, and will require employing thousands of Tucsonans to fix them. How do we prepare to care for 250,000 aging neighbors (including ourselves), make our homes climate ready, accessible and affordable, and create supportive social networks?

World-Class in our Own Back Yard” - Innovation and making stuff - Everything we have is made someplace else with fossil fuels, and most products are designed for us to buy, use, throw away, and repeat. We don’t repair what we have, and we don't make anything locally, yet there are over 1 million tons of industrial raw materials in our landfills. How do we create a culture of invention and repair in Tucson to allow us to use our local resources to solve our problems?

Politics and the Learning Community – Will all the solutions to our problems come from government? In 2017, we will elect half the City Council that will, over the next four years, make many long lasting decisions about water, economic direction, capital infrastructure, and much more. How do we make “sustainability” central to the 2017 City elections and learn to partner with governments and each other to create a resilient and sustainable community?

Energy – What we need for Everything - Energy is what allows everything to happen. But the ways we get it today not only create today's world, but are destabilizing ecosystems, economies, and societies worldwide. How much do we need, and how can we get it without destabilizing everything?

Financing sustainability - Making Tucson sustainable will require many billions in local investment, mostly for private expenses (home repair, business startups, local food production, etc.). How do we finance Tucson’s transformation to a resilient, sustainable, accessible and climate ready community?

Living with nature - Climate change creates more and more local environmental stresses, so more and more of our local wild animals are coming to live with us - it’s the only place they can. How do we live with nature in the urban area?

Showcasing today’s sustainable Tucson - Tucson is already doing a lot to make ourselves more resilient and sustainable. How can we inform people about what is already happening, and what they can do?

What are we missing? - These topics cover a wide range of subjects, but we may have missed a category of actions that we can take in Tucson. Please let us know what else you recommend.

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