Resilience Champions Network – meeting notes

Meeting NOTES
Resilience Champions Network
Date: 10/5/2016
Location: Rincon Market
With: Josefina Cardinas, Javier Lopez, Jim Lootens, Donya Meggs, Jack Strassberg, Dusty Jacobs
Discuss w/ Champions: What are you hoping to do? And how can we help?
Organize ETSFestival signup

Two Food Resilience Champions groups attended: Josefina Cardinas, Donya Meggs/Dusty Jacobs.
* Josefina has a neighborhood group with almost all pieces for a community garden, but there are internal conflicts that need to be overcome, in order to move forward.  Rcmd: Resolve internal conflicts (become NH President from VPres) and approach Ward 1 office to ask for assistance to move forward.
* Donya has a neighborhood group that is starting.  They are organizing a work party on Monday and can provide their flyer as blank form for other groups.  Their primary need is a cheap/free source of compost.  Work party on Monday (Oct 10) at 4pm at 2208 E 17th St.
Action: Javier L will connect them with source of sheep manure.  Jim L is master composter and will conduct training at later date.
* FRP will have a table at the Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival on Oct 16 to recruite potential Neighborhood Resilience Teams and Resilience Champions.
Action: Most people plan to participate.  Tres has prepared Doodle <> for people to choose times.

Jim: Develop list of composting resources (TOG pamphlet, video on composting, etc.) and send to Tres
Tres: Create/add to FRP Information Portal information on how to compost in desert.
Javier: Will provide contact info on sheep manure

Raw notes:
Q: Is there interest in gardening in your NH?
JLoo: Not really.  Used to be.  Some discussion about restarting.  There may be a piece of property that could be used.

Q: Champions – What do you need?
JC: There is a garden on City property, but we need a NPO to sign lease with City.  Was working with CGT, but they have withdrawn.  Has talked with Regina Romero, but there are internal politics within NH.  Need to restart garden under NPO and it will get going.  There was conflict over gardening policy with CGT.  There are a lot of resources in place, but there is personal conflicts that are preventing someone from signing contract with City.
TE: Clear up NA issues and go to Regina’s office and ask what is next?  Send letter to NEST.

DM: 3 households, 4 people.  (DM, DJ, John Jorgenson)  On Monday, we are starting with a planting party.  Will purchase NS/S seeds and plant garden.  Are working on flyer.  Will be a distributed garden group.  Goal is to share work.  Distribute flyers and invite neighbors to see gardens.  A few kids and an elderly couple in area.  Can offer flyer.  Need compost.
Sources of compost: Tank’s Green Stuff will sell 1CY (you pick up) for $38.  Beryl Baker has small sheep herd and will gladly donate sheep manure.  TOG prepared a video on desert composting, and Jim is a Master Composter.  Javier has a 7 HP tiller that could be used.  Also a small tractor.
JLoo: ** There is a video and pamphlet on composting.  Could do class on composting, once DM are farther along
JLop: **  Will help ID manure sources.

DJ: Our neighborhood group is holding a work party at 2208 E 17th St, on Monday at 4pm