Minutes of Food Resilience Project Working Group

Minutes of Food Resilience Project Working Group

Attending: Paul Tynan, Josefina Cardinas, Winston Larkins, Paula Schlusberg, Donya Meggs, Tres English, Camille Kershner

TE: Draft script/questions for resource survey of food-related groups. Provide list of food-related groups that might provide some assistance to FRP Neighbors Groups. Set up Listserv group.
PT, DM, WL: Review/revise draft script
WL, JC, DM: Write ¶ of what possible assistance their neighbors groups might need from potential resource group
All: Contact 4-5 resource groups, using the script, to develop Resource List for Food Resilience Portal

Next meeting: Two weeks. Organize thru Doodle

Starting suggestion:
Provide information for how to:
• Organize FRP Neighbors Group
• Determine current capacities of group
• Set up Garden Exchange
• Set up Work Exchange
• Set up Harvest Potlucks

Online Information Hub
• Calendar of events and classes
• List of local resources

Focus on defining the “Minimum Viable Product” which is the least we can do that will be of sufficient value to a sufficient number of people we serve.

Things that might belong in a starting product:
• Information on how to preserve and use local ingredients
• Buying co-op to get reduced prices on mulch, …
• Tool exchange
• Coordinate list of advisors/ mentors/consultants
• Provide “white papers” on things like legal issues (ex: health codes and potlucks)
• Promoting the use of local/seasonal ingredients
• Information “Clearing house” or “Portal”

• Calendar of events and classes
• Resource contacts on:
• Vetted individuals (Start with recommendations. Need ways to aggregating feedback)
• Organizations that provide _____________ (Q: What do you do? How can you help? Who do you serve? …)
• Reading list (Need to get people to share their knowledge)
• Networking between FRP Neighbors Groups and others
• Stories – videos, written. Success stores.

Next steps:
• begin to develop the Resources section of the Food Resilience Portal. Everyone will contact 3-5 existing groups (Tres/Paula have list of ≈15 local groups) and use a common script to guide questions. We can use the three neighbors groups represented in this working group to provide a focus for some of the questions.
• Develop an online calendar for the Resilience Portal that can be updated by partner groups

We will ask about help for specific groups:
• Barrio Kroger Lane
• Nobles Oblige Mobile Home Park
• Proto-neighbors group (Donya)