Where can we grow food?

It was a beautiful day at the Tucson Organic Gardeners’ Spring Festival.  I enjoyed talking to dozens of people enjoying the day and learning more about growing food in Tucson.

At the Sustainable Tucson table, we got lots of comments on WHERE we can (or do) grow food for Tucson.  People came up with lots of ideas.  Where do you think we should grow food in Tucson?

Possible locations:

  • Santa Rite HS experimental aquaponics system
  • Community garden at the Lighthouse church
  • TUSD school yards (there are over 20 closed schools)
  • Multi-unit small rental apartments
  • Edible landscaping at homes and public buildings
  • Front yards
  • Curbs and parking strips
  • Park near City Hall, especially the planters
  • Churches can grow food in their parking lots
  • City parks
  • UA Mall
  • Community garden at St Gregory’s
  • Abandoned lots
  • Everyone’s houses
  • All closed school yards
  • Roofs
  • Medians
  • Former World Care property (3538 E. Ellington Pl)
  • Garden District II near Pima & Swan
  • Fruit trees on edge of soccer fields
  • Golf Courses


2 thoughts on “Where can we grow food?”

  1. This is an exciting new idea! Tucson has so many local food initiatives happening in the city and surrounding areas. If it all was better coordinated and communicated, we could come much closer to eating locally and sustainably, and have a chance at adapting to climate changes. Let’s get this conversation going!


    1. It’s good to hear from you, Leslie. I totally agree. There is a real hunger (pun in tended) for local food.

      I think we should wait a couple of weeks to set the first FT meeting. However, I think we should be looking at the week of the 24th. Any suggestions on a venue? I think we should be able to find a locally owned restaurant that supports local farmers. (I am thinking La Concina)


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