Welcome to Feeding Tucson.  This is where you can learn about ways Tucson can create a secure, local food supply, and work with others to make it happen.

The Food Resilience Project will start Tucson on the road to greater community resilience and community cohesion. We are just getting started, so now is the time to get involved to make a difference.
It’s goals are:

  • Develop a network of Food Resilience Teams that share, grow, and encourage locally and sustainably produced food within and between their own small areas.
  • Develop a coalition of existing food and neighborhood organizations that provide support to such groups.
Local food resources map (sample)
Add your local food resource

Add your voice, ideas and energy to help create a secure food system for Tucson and turn our home into our Food Oasis in the Sonoran Desert.

Creating a Secure Food Supply with our rain